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Six looped tracks good for various town/village locations.

"I now offer individual tracks! Full track list available here."

An update for my RPG Town Music series.

  • New file type(s) added (.ogg and .m4a)
  • A and B sections for smooth intros
    • OLD version: You would get 1 file with the audio tail baked into the file. This would create clipping effect upon first playback.
    • THIS version: "A" sections has a natural intro with no tail at the start. "B" sections include audio tail in the beginning and can easily loop itself or stitch together with the A section.
    • ALSO: Combined "A" and "B" file include. Sample Start/Lengths embedded in .ogg.
    • Text file provided with loop points in Time Stamps (Minute:Second;Milliseconds)

Morning Prance (01:28)

Crossing Stones (01:02)

Soft Winter (01:35)

Adrift in Autumn (01:21)

Summer's Circle (01:24)

Gentle Springs (01:23)


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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RPG Town Music Pack v1.1.zip 500 MB

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and one more question:

Can i buy

Morning Prance

Soft Winter

Adrift in Autumn

Summer's Circle

individually? because other BGM doesn't fit my game.

Sorry for missing your questions. I am exploring the idea of selling singles. Currently I do not.

Do you have facebook or discord?

my discord is Ryan Ye#9728

do you have a license file if i buy your music?

same question goes to "fantasy-rpg-piano-pack"

I currently do not use license files.